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Have you ever walked through your front door, or been sitting in your front room and while looking over at your dated staircase and thought to yourself: “That is so ugly! I wish we could change it but I don’t even like the shape of it so what’s the point?” Just because your stairway is a certain shape or starts & stops at a certain point doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. Talking to the expert custom staircase contractors at Bishop Woodcraft you might be surprised with just much we can do with your existing staircase.

There is no need to build an entirely new home to get that magnificent entry you’ve always wanted. Here’s an example of a home that the owners loved. They loved the location. They loved their neighbors. They loved their yard. They just hated the dated stairs and always wanted a free-standing circular staircase. Here’s what they started with:

Old carpeted treads and risers. Red oak acorn top newels and turned balusters, all with that aged yellow finish. Not much to get excited about and anything “impressive” about it left decades ago. We had a lot of work to do to catch up to the new trends in stair treads.

Salt Lake City Stair remodel

So we started with an idea, measured the space, and drew up a proposal for a new circular stair design that would fit in the available space while giving them the access they needed to the rest of the home. Additional details were decided, such as handrail, baluster, and newel post profiles, wood species and metal finishes.

Once approved the tear out and reframing began, followed by the new circular stair body. Depending on the situation this may need to be site built or, more often than not, shop built then shipped to the home, stood up, and installed in one day.

Once that was done then the handrails were bent, stringer trim details completed, newel post set, and handrails set up in place to lay out the balusters.

Custom Stairs Utah

Once laid out, the balusters were cut and installed. In this case, being square steel balusters, they were mortised down into the stringers and up into the handrails.

Salt Lake City Custom Stairs

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Once the staircase installation was complete, the whole thing received a final sanding and was then turned over to the painters to paint, stain, and lacquer every inch to give it a rich, deep, exquisite finish.


This type of renovation can be a reality for your home as well! The transformation can become something you’re excited to see every time you walk through your door, a fitting and impressive feature to greet those you invite into your home, and a piece of art you find yourself appreciating every day. If you are ready to get that beautiful custom staircase you have been thinking about, it is time to give us a call.