It’s 2019 and you may be thinking of house projects for the year. Are new railings on your list of home improvements? Choosing something as important as railings can feel overwhelming. However, choosing the right railing for your home is easier than you think. You will love how much a railing can enhance the beauty of your home. Right now, almost anything goes! You can stick with traditional wood railings or go completely modern with black steel, or mix materials with a wood handrail on top of glass guardrails. Do you want your railings to stand out? Or do you want them to blend in? Either can be a work of art. Let your imagination run wild, and you will find the perfect railing for your home.

Custom Railing Ideas

Black metal railings.

One house trend over the last few years has been toward white on white—white walls, countertops, and cupboards. Some homeowners are now coupling the white walls with a black metal railing for a nice contrast. You can do so much with black metal. The balusters can be straight, square, or rounded. They can be plain or ornamented. Black railings can look great against white stairs. If you want a softer feel, add a stained wooden handrail on top of it. Black metal railings can complement any design—traditional staircases, modern, or anything in between.

White railings.

White is currently popular, classic, and will never go out of style. You really can’t go wrong with a white railing. Put a dark stained handrail on white balusters for a different twist on a still classic look. White can look more traditional with round balusters and more modern with straight, square balusters.

Natural wood railings.

The natural wood railing look, depending on the size and shape of the newel posts and balusters, can look simplistic and modern, rustic and trendy, or ornamental and traditional. Currently, natural, lighter grey stains are in style with straighter, simpler balusters for an understated, modern look. But really, anything goes and can look great. For example, if you like the rustic look, natural wood handrails can even be coupled with custom twisted metal balusters that look like branches and have a tree bark surface for a stand out, one of a kind railing.

Glass railings.

If you want your railings that look like they virtually disappear, consider glass. Glass guardrails can be combined with a dark metal, stainless steel, or wood hand railing. This modern look is interesting and very different from traditional wood railings, yet blends in with any style or color scheme.

Metal railings with cables.

If you like a modern, industrial look, consider metal guardrailing with stainless steel cables. These railings look great in black or dark gray. They can complement any modern style. More daring homeowners could even try color for a bold contrast. Red? It all depends on your style and how often you want to change things. As fun as red would be for a while, you may tire of it sooner than white or black.

At Bishop Woodcraft, we have to resources and custom stair expertise to make any railing you can dream of become a reality. Come see us!