Custom Stair Bannisters Salt Lake City

The long, winter months in Salt Lake City, Utah, are almost over, despite there still being some lingering snow on the ground. With spring, comes a rush of people wanting to update their homes—inside and out. An updated banister can add so much to the look of your home. Whether you have a two-story house or a rambler, the banister is one of the first things guests see when they come into your home. Besides being needed to help keep you safe getting from one floor to another, banisters can have a visual impact on the whole home.

So, if you have decided that you want a change, the big question is how much of a change? Do you want to paint your existing rail a different color? Or are you looking at replacing the whole thing altogether? The good news is that in today’s design environment, almost anything goes. You could have a traditionally decorated house with a black iron contemporary stair railings. Or you could have slick modern leanings throughout your house and still go with a white, traditionally shaped banister.

When deciding on what do to with your banister, here are a few questions to ask yourself: do you want your banister to stand out? Or blend in? Answering these questions can help you to know which direction to go.

If you have no idea what different styles of staircases are out there then you can start by surfing the internet for ideas. When you come across a banister that speaks to you, copy and paste the picture into a Word file, or save it in a Pinterest account. After collecting a number of pictures, when you look at them, you will start to see similarities, and it will be easier for you to figure out what you like and what you really want to do.

Ways to change the look of your banister:

  • Paint it. Today, there are great looking gel stains if you want to go a little bit darker. In the last few years, the trend has been toward white. If you like the shape of your current balusters and if your railing feels sturdy, painting it will definitely give you a different look. You could do the work yourself or use a professional to get that soft, smooth finish that looks and feels brand new.
  • Install iron balusters. Iron balusters come in a number of different styles. You can stick with one style or mix them for your own unique look. Some people will take out wood balusters and insert iron ones, keeping the originally railing. Sometimes this can work but other times it can be more cost effective to put in a new rail. Either way, you can change the look of your banister. Iron balusters give you a lot of style options. You can go rustic, traditional or modern this way.
  • Replace the entire banister. Replacing the entire banister gives you endless options for materials and style. It’s exciting to design a new banister from scratch. That way you can use the materials and get the look that you want. You can get it just right. After all, you don’t want to have to redo a banister every few years. You want to pick a design that will look good in your house for years to come.

At Bishop Woodcraft we are experts at every aspect of planning, installing and finishing custom staircases and stair railings. We can help you decide and show you some amazing options. Give us a call at 801-934-0404.